imr 4198 for 223 bolt action

I haven't seen it as often in the equipment lists for the past years. 0000012032 00000 n Compressed charges of slower-burn-rate propellants are more compatible with loading heavier bullets. I haven't had any problems what so ever with it. I just cant find a load start/max charge and velocity and OAL for it. To show viewers how to succeed at long range, J. Guthrie gears up for a challenging shot while chasing Colorado pronghorn at long range with DPMS' Panther 6.5 Creedmoor. It appears 4198 is not a good choice for AR type guns. I tried 7 other powders. Its still a port pressure problem. Whether your equipment could or perhaps may have trouble metering it. 0000003089 00000 n Stick powders that meter like ball. 1 Single-Shot Rifle: Tips to Improve Its Accuracy, Mossberg Patriot Long-Range Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle: Full Review. I taught my wife to reload years ago seemed to help with the misunderstanding part. These estimates are for .223 pressures. Trim to length as needed, clean/uniform the primer pockets, reprime, charge with powder, verify powder charges, seat bullets to specific overall length, perform final inspection, box, and label. We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners. The maximum listed by IMR for a 55 gr bullet was 21.5 gr back then (2001) and what i used. I burn up 10 lbs of old Dupont IMR 4198 in an M16A1 carbine with a 14.5 inch barrel and a Ruger Mini14. Examples include Ramshot TAC (left) and Accurate 2015 (right). That was a long time ago. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Only loaded a pound of it and moved on to AA2230, but it worked fine out of a mid-length carbine. Big difference between the accuracy needed for 300 yard P-dog shots and across-the room HD shots. cartridge case severely limits how much you can vary bulletseating depth, so I havent done much of it. These barrels offer good accuracy with 35- to 55-grain, lead-core bullets that include popular varmint and match designs. Good old IMR 4895 had published loads for each of these cartridges. (only). I just finished shooting a batch of 53 BTHP using 19.5 was one of the softest shooting loads i've shot. Copyright Complaints: Please direct DMCA Takedown Notices to the registered agent: Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet Casting. Just finished loading some IMR 4198 at 20.0, 20.5, and 21.0 for testing in my 16" AR. I'm not a 223 shooter or owner however, with the two cartridges the 223 more less evolved from, the 222 Rem. While the 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington are very similar, due to chamber differences and barrel twist rates, it is best to separate load data. . Pro-Hunter CFE BLK loads ranged from 2,129 to 2,210 feet/second with group sizes ranging from .272 (.260 MOA) to 1.685 (1.609 MOA). In the years since, twist rates in AR rifles intended primarily for civilian sales have also been offered with 1:8 and 1:9 twist rates, with some specialty rifles featuring a 1:6.5 twist to stabilize match bullets weighing up to 90 grains. I think I got it for 45-70 but never used it. Anyway I purchased some Nosler 168 grain bullets for target practice and was wondering. I have loaded 18.5 grs with a 55 gr bullet , still cycled the M16 action. The selection of suitable powders for handloading the .223 Remington is huge, with some developed specifically to optimize .223 performance. Had pierced primers at 48 grs of CFE223 under a 168 SMK in an LR 308. I use both IMR and h-4198 at the same charge weight, 21 grain's with a 55 gr bullet with tight shooting groups. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. I got a 8 pound key of 4198 for my wifes bolt action 223. JavaScript is disabled. Dont know about the Canada made or the. Toggle menu. IMR4198 was popular with the benchresters shooting .222 Rem chambered tack drivers' 50 to 55 grain bullets back in the '50's. Even at Hodgdon's starting load the primers are cratering and flattening beyond what I get with extruded powders. I don't have my data here in front of me but I use IMR-4198 with a 50gr V-Max. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Don, funny you would mention the 788. Happy to find it in stock! Mag, IMR-4198 was pretty much the go to powder for a couple decades. Using bullets from Nosler BT LF, Barnes VG FB, Nosler BT, SinterFire, Sierra SP, Speer SP, Sierra HP, Barnes TSX FB, Hornady FMJ, Hornady V-Max, Swift Scirocco, Sierra HPBT, JLK VLD, Sierra MK, Berger BT Targ. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. bullets. 0000009273 00000 n Thats not the case when firing an AR. Accuracy Load IMR-4198 23.0 3500 1088 Hunting Load H335 29.1 3700 1216. I have burned a lot of IMR 4198 in the 223 under a 50gr V-Max. Another one is IMR 4198 (21.6gr.) While safe in my rifles using my methods of development, please use professional guidance for your own efforts. Have many loads sub MOA .223 Remington and 308 rifles. Varget Vs IMR4198 Donation Goal Donate Now Goal amount for this year: 6000 USD, Received: 5815 USD (97%) Our Annual server fund drive is going on now! and 222 Rem. It shoots good groups and cycles fine with my AR but after I'm done I'll go back to TAC 2 Reply textbooknarco 2 yr. ago Industry pressure guidelines for the .223 Remington were originally established at 52,000 CUP but today have been changed to 55,000 psi, while CIP is listed at 62,366 psi. The most accurate load I use for both of my bolt rifles (1/12 & 1/9 twist) is 20-21gr. Founded by Frank Galli in 2000, Snipers Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to its users in one location. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. Bolt Action Rifles; Lever Action Rifles; Pump Action Rifles; Semi Auto Rifles; Single Shot Rifles; Other Rifles; Shotguns. | April 17th, 2019 - Imr 4198 Powder Reloading Data I can find load data with 25 gr Hornady s using IMR 4198 but nothing with 20 N120 is one of the suggested 17 Hornet powders in the latest Hornady manual A few test loads for the 458 SOCOM using IMR 4198 Powder and 300 grain this load data There are two options for acquiring data on the Hodgdon . q:1XQ ZrQ>j?d-pT2G7ZAk^`pl7S|lMaMT/yF"$A@M)Di*9~b4' It was in the Hornady manual and the power was available so I picked it up. However, I can come close to the published maximums in any of my rifles, even the 26" barreled M-70. The decapping pin in the sizing die may not be stout enough to knock these out without being damaged, so deprime them before resizing using a special die expressly made for this task. Am I correct? Old Dupont IMR 4198 can be loaded to 21.5 gr with 55gr bullets. The IMR 4198 POWDER is highly stable due to the presence of high-quality chemical stabilizers used in its preparation. Ive used 4198 for a few different loads with .223. Hodgdon offers more than a dozen different propellants for reloading 223/5.56 ammo. Is there any milsurp IMR8208 around anymore? Wife said I had enough bullets, I don't understand! 0000021151 00000 n All these have offered complete penetration on broadside shots. 0000003156 00000 n You are using an out of date browser which is likely incompatible with our website. Extreme spread was .473, subtracting .223, and I have a .250 group! If people have newer load guides with the newer powders, maybe include all of the above powders that are listed in the same publications too for reference purposes. Although the .223 Remington is often considered inadequate for deer-sized game, when loaded with a bullet designed for the task, it will kill deer reliably. Albert Einstein". Let me know Thanks! Like a lot of others have posted, I used 21.5 with a 55gr FMJ. SKU : 941988. Have not got a chance to shoot this powder yet but I do have a bunch of charges weighed up and I must say while weighting it out the consistency of the powder looks great. In 1957, the Armalite AR-15 rifle was in development, and the .222 Remington case was lengthened, its shoulder moved forward and its neck shortened to create a new experimental cartridge that would offer greater performance and properly function in the gas-operated action. Damn, I wish I knew what bullet he loaded as he can't remember the brand. 50 gr. I was down to the bottom of the can of my old supply and was very happy to be able to get a new supply from you. IMR 4198 POWDER For Reloading 223. #1789892 - 01/10/11 11:59 PM Re: 55 v-max and varget in bolt action .223 [Re: SShooterZ] DoubleUp Die Hard Member with a . MSDS Start low and work up as always. The accompanying data is intended for .223 Remington chamber dimensions and includes bullet weights ranging from 35 to 75 grains. 0000012054 00000 n Shoots outstanding ! I have a hand throw Hornady powder measure and it doesn't meter well. It may still be too hot or may not meet your accuracy objective, but its not likely dangerous to your gun or you. Seem's I did try lighter bullet's but ended up with the 55gr bullet's. I tried some 4198 and can shoot clover leafs at 50 yards (with XS sights even !) Contributing Editor for RifleShooter Magazine, Brad Fitzpatrick gives us a review of this modernized version of an iconic favorite. Both spherical (Ball) and extruded powders can give top performance in the .223 Remington. Sierra lists different maximums between bolt & autos. Some of the gas is divertedbefore the bullet exits the barrelto actuate a piston, carrier, or operating rod. of IMR4198 and 52gr bullets. Going by the book today. One of the three most accurate rifles I ever owned. Thats the energy source required to retract the bolt, extract the fired case, and self-load another round from the magazine. 0000024785 00000 n It burns pretty cleanly. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings before proceeding. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" The Apostle Paul in Romans 1:22. With the trends toward heavier, low-drag, long-range bullets, several rifles chambered for .223 Remington are now offered with faster twist barrels. Hence, many call it the best powder for reloading 223. 0000010557 00000 n Competition shooters know that the bullets position in the chamber throat/leade can significantly affect accuracy. I use IMR 4198 with Sierra Matching 69 gr with very good results. Good cycling out of the AR15. Additional experimental cartridges were designed to function in the AR-15 and meet military requirements, including the .222 Special (aka .224 Springfield) that had a shorter case, shorter neck and shorter overall cartridge length than the .222 Remington Magnum. 0000002396 00000 n Although if I were to reload for a AR. I don't like how Hornady splits up the 223/5. I tried running 4198 with some lighter 52gr smk's in my AR and it did not work at all. 223 Rem 243 Win 25-06 Rem 260 Rem 270 Win . Other powders I've had some success with accuracy are H4895, IMR-4895 and even IMR-4198. I never tried 4198 in an AR because my experience with it in a bolt action .223 was severely underwhelming. Then I trickle the rest in with a battery operated Hornady Vibarator Trickler. . For several reasons, this cartridge was not accepted by the military, but Remington chose to introduce it commercially as the .222 Remington Magnum in 1957-1958. I really liked this load. The new Sako Finnlight II sports an innovative stock and Cerakote metal paired with the terrific 85 action. The list of match bullets is extensive, typically ranging in weight from 52 to 75 grains (even 80- to 90-grain bullets requiring a faster-twist rate than discussed here). Using this powder with .223 caliber has yielded great results. I thought they were different powders. IMR 4198 is a GREAT powder for the 223.. bullet weights of 65 grains and under.. if it isn't accurate in your gun ( I'm a bolt action guy).. its not the powder.. its your gun or the shooter. 0000005092 00000 n We'll see. A lot of you are out there, and I, myself, fell into this category not so long ago. I used it to reload 223 in a ar-15 pistol with a 7.5 in barrel this product did exactly what I wanted it to do it was accurate and velocities were right where I wanted them to be 2200 FPS with a 55 gr bullet this may not be rifle velocity you want but it is good in short barrel ar pistols. The bullets nose profile, i.e., the ogive shape, significantly affects the cartridge overall length (COL). This is a compressed charged (anything over 25gr with 3031 in a 223 Rem case will be a compressed charge) and needs to have a slight crimp in it. I'm wondering if it would make sense because the cost to shoot is quite a bit less. Trade only. Posts: 2203. I tried AA 5744 and Hodgdon 322 under Hornady 300gr JHP and just couldn't get decent groupings consistently, despite hand weighing every charge. Clean and inspect the cases, lube and full-length resize/decap, clean, and inspect them again. You will either find a node, or switch bullets to the 50-52 grain bullets and start over. And, fortunately, nobody can work the bolt fast enough to extract the case while theres residual pressure in the barrel. If youre not shooting a single-shot rifle, the length of the magazine box may dicatate the maximum COL possible. Its performance approached the .222 Remington Magnum (center) introduced in 1957. Results for the 150 gr. /x:^6"]eAfy(Pjch[nc2@:P%N!CvU}V5tFUs4ejng5bVCv[ I highly recommend this powder and fully recommend this company. IMR recommends always consulting for the most accurate, up-to-date data. Have found it to be pretty accurate in my Rem model 7. Dime sized groups at 150 yds. , I found that after trying 3 powder choices that 4198 was very accurate and very very clean shooting. I chose two of my favorite 223 Rem. IMR 4198 isn't the best powder for 69 gr. The Sierra data seems more on line with what I have seen elsewhere, so I will start with their min. The .223 is inexpensive, easy to use well, low recoiling, and often very accurate even with military ball-type ammunition. Oh so that's the twist 1 in 8. I don't remember ever trying a different bullet but I might have. 4198 works excellent in my son's Savage 10 Varmint .223 bolt rifle. I found this powder to burn clean an not much residue left in the barrel, I really like it. 2 Reply Thomaswitt46 2 yr. ago Sierra lists it for up to 55grain bullets. My Savage 223 model 110 . You are using an out of date browser. I had some, didn't like it. I loaded ammunition with a variety of bullets, including the Hornady 55- and 60-grain Spire Points (w/o cannelure), 55-grain GMX, Nosler 60-grain Partition, 55-grain Trophy Bonded and Barnes 50-, 53- and 55-grain Triple-Shock X-Bullet, with each producing excellent results. 0000002505 00000 n I believe, I am what is keeping it from its full potential. As I waited for chronograph conditions, I kept busy plinking my Challenge Target Shoot-n-stake 8" plate. Great powder. So no metering problems. Ive had good luck using the RCBS crimp remover tool mounted on the companys powered case-prep center. Of course, Hodgdon provides load data for every bullet weight theyve tested with all compatible propellants yielding safe and reliable ballistic data. and lately .223 Rem. 25a - Remington model 48C, 22 cal rifle Remington model 48C, bolt action, 22 Cal rifle with clip 26 - 12 ga Bolt Action Model 583.20 JC Higgins 27 - Winchester Single Shot, Model 37, 20 ga 27a - Winchester model 50 20ga. 0000014444 00000 n For a roll crimp to offer uniform results, cases must be trimmed to a uniform length. Kimber's Hunter Pro Desolve Blak takes the firm's more affordable mountain rifle to new heights. Not capable of the highest velocity obtainable for the cartridge, but I've used it in bolt actions for over 30 years. . But I see H4198 and IMR4198 both mentioned here. 78gn of IMR 4198 has shot about .75-1 MOA (5-shots groups) in my Hankins barreled action with the 275BE and 275MH. All Shotguns; Bolt Action Shotguns; ONLY TWO DEFINING FORCES HAVE GIVEN UP THEIR LIVES FOR YOU. Scott Rupp gets a chance to talk to Aaron Oelger about a few new products from Hodgdon and why reloading store shelves are empty. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. The original load was a 160-gr. I don't recall any data using I-4198. I use a case/cartridge headspace gauge to spot-check roughly 10 percent of my brass after completing case prep. Since reloading for my Mini-14 starting back in the mid 80's I've had excellent results with H335, BLC-2, Win 748, Acc 2230. I got a 8 pound key of 4198 for my wifes bolt action 223. I probably send 3,000 to 4.000 rounds down range most years with IMR 4198. in the 223, with 40 to 63 grain bullets.. This is my Varmint load for my VTR-15 RIFLE (22" barrel). I haven't chronograph-ed the the load but out of my Remington 700 Varmitter, it's a shooter. Best accuracy has been found at approximately 1/2 grain under published maximum. Also, I read that it works great with my .223. My barrel is a 1:8 twist though so I switched to a heavier bullet to tighten the groups. 0000010535 00000 n Remember, I am talking about bolt rifles. Right now I'm liking 24.5gr of RL15. trailer << /Size 86 /Info 51 0 R /Root 54 0 R /Prev 76483 /ID[<8a45f2eb061f912c269257afb89d4f83>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 54 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 50 0 R /Metadata 52 0 R >> endobj 84 0 obj << /S 81 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 85 0 R >> stream

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